Co-Founder and Manager of Techdetech

Priscila Aguirre

Commercial Development with a track record in the Electrical and Automation Industry, Technology, and Applied Efficiency as well as Web3 and Blockchain Talent Staffing, Software and Business Marketing Development.

Ponencias de: Priscila Aguirre

    • Estadio Caliente / 14:30 Hrs. Black Room / Stage A

      "A guide to connect the dot$ from $ea to $ea".

      2023-09-23 I will delve into the exhilarating world of Web3 and the blockchain industry, exploring how to break through barriers and forge unprecedented connections against all odds. I will inspire and empower you to elevate your company's potential by partnering with global investors in the Web3 and blockchain space.
      Our modern world is marked by its diversity, from the genres of art and entertainment we consume to the industries that drive innovation. Meanwhile, the Web3 revolution and blockchain technology are rapidly transforming these landscapes, promising a decentralized future where collaboration and inclusion reign supreme. But how can we bridge the gaps that divide us – be it by genre, industry, or cultural background – and harness the immense potential of this revolutionary era?
      Drawing from real-world examples, cutting-edge research, and inspiring success stories, I will guide you through the steps to connect seemingly disparate dots and leverage the power of Web3 to unlock new possibilities for your company.

      Esto es CriptoMéxico Tijuana 2023.

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